Q & A's

Complete Brand Insights Workshop

What do I get from going?

Everyone who comes to the workshop will get a workbook. This workbook has been designed to reflect the structure of the workshop. There is space to write anything and everything that is revealed from the workshop. You’ll establish your purpose, vision, mission, values and more.

You also get as much tea or coffee as you can drink, snacks and lunch at the end.

And 10% discount on any further brand work from Harrison Brands.

Will this help to create or refine a brand?

You cannot create or refine a brand without this. Without knowing what you stand for, what makes you different and what your brand personality is, you cannot have brand that reflects the real you. This is about the truth behind your brand. 

From here, you will know how to adapt your website, talk about your business and brief anyone who works with you on your brand.

What’s the point in having a brand purpose?

A unique brand purpose will differentiate your brand from competitors. It reveals why you are in business, how you put your real reason for being. As Simon Sinek said: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it and what you do simply proves what you believe.”

Is £179.00 worth it?

Absolutely. This is a proven method that has been applied to larger brands, but tailored for groups of entrepreneurs of up to six. When people share their experiences and challenges with the group, others benefit. Normally Brand workshops like this fit around all the key stakeholders and this costs significantly more.

Will my voice be heard?

By limiting the group size to just six, there is a good opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts and experiences.

 The schedule is tight, but of the four stages throughout the morning, we do not move on until everyone has spoken.

Where can I book my place?

Book your place with Eventbrite here:

Or call: 07941 305356 if you need to know anything else.have any other questions.