A capital rebrand

Harrison Brands collaborated with Austin Friars to redefine the brand’s direction. Through inclusive workshops involving key stakeholders, a clear Purpose, Vision, Mission, and set of Values were identified, resulting in a stronger brand identity.

Austin Friars Financial was founded with a primary goal of offering people clear, high-quality, and independent advice. At Austin Friars Financial, they prioritise people and the planet over profit, providing impartial advice and building long-lasting, trusted relationships.

Services provided:

Brand identity incl. tone of voice

Brand values and brand positioning

Website design and implementation



By placing their customers and stakeholders first, Austin Friars represent a refreshing change in the mortgage industry. 

“When Austin Friars approached Harrison Brands, we did not know what to expect. Andy conducted a Brand Workshop, where he assessed our needs. Through a series of exercises, he fully engaged with every member of the team, no mean feat! As a consequence, we nailed down a clear direction for our brand. The result was a far deeper understanding of our brand and how we should be communicating it.”

Andre Botes, Austin Friars Financial