What is Impact Reporting?

Impact reporting is growing amongst purpose-led businesses. Think of how an annual report has all the financial details, an Impact report is there for all your stakeholders to find out what you are doing, and plan to do about your impact on the planet, society and how you are run. Essentially, this is your E.S.G (Environment, Social and Governance) strategy.

It demonstrates your goals and your achievements. It communicates your purpose, your vision and your values with greater clarity. And this matters because not only is this highly respected among today’s conscious-driven consumers, but these are the very things that investors are looking for. It also helps prospective employees to choose which company they work for. An impact report highlights the difference your business is making in the world.

To gain the competitive edge that your competitors won’t have yet, a well-produced and honest report allows you to form better relationships with your audience. It is powerful enough to show why anyone should choose your brand above anyone else’s. Your own Impact Report can also be used to strengthen employee relationships and to foster a sense of pride as it promotes the goals and celebrates your company’s track record.   Creating an Impact Report is easier than you think. If you are already taking steps as a business, to reduce your carbon footprint, or are promoting a fairer place to work, then you have something worth saying. 

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