An intuitive rebrand

Business Strategist and Mentor, Jannine Barron required clarification on the purpose and vision for a wide range of services on her website. 

A brand was born out of a phoenix device and a strong typographical size was introduced alongside much more direct tone of voice. Images were carefully selected from a local photographer that reflect Jannine’s environmental concerns.

Services provided:

Brand identity incl. tone of voice

Brand values and brand positioning

Website design and implementation

This web page was set up to use as less carbon as possible and as result, is cleaner than 57% of web pages tested on websitecarbon.com

"I burst into tears of joy the first time I saw my logo. It’s an incredible feeling when Andy at Harrison Brands could listen, get to know me and then reflect that back in design. It’s an extraordinary skill. Andy has a unique way of listening in deep conversation and then creating a design that reflects me back to the world. I am really grateful for the experience and care I experienced from Andy when working together."

Jannine Barron, Business Strategist and Mentor