The Journey to B Corp

Where did it all start?

During the COVID lockdown, Harrison Brands was established with a determination to confront challenges and ask profound questions about the future for the planet and humanity. A passion for cycling, a three-decade-long vegetarian lifestyle, and an allotment sparked an understanding that throughout my life I have known that there is a better way to experience life. 

The climate crisis and societal inequality motivated Harrison Brands to pursue a different path. The concept of B Corp was introduced, and Harrison Brands began its new direction by completing Carbon Literacy Training, signing up for various pledges, and focusing on positive impact performance for the environment, communities, customers, suppliers, employees, and stakeholders. All this started around November 2021.

Filling in the Impact Assessment

The B Impact Assessment was used to establish a new framework, with every question and policy informing a new direction for Harrison Brands. The daunting task was accomplished with tenacity, and Harrison Brands reached a score of 83.3 points in April 2022.   

 After a long wait, Harrison Brands entered the verification stage in November 2022 and earned a total score of 100.2, becoming B Corp Certified in March 2023.   

I’ve read somewhere that becoming a B Corp for the first time is like reaching base camp at Mount Everest. I totally get what that means and whilst getting B Corp Certified is one thing, the real work starts here.