Why Brand Purpose is an essential part of any brand.

What is Brand Purpose?

A brand purpose is essentially a brand’s reason for being. It also emphasizes the difference a brand is making to people and planet. It goes far beyond the need to make money, it is the authentic beliefs behind a brand and reveals the ‘why?’ a company or organisation really exists in the first place.  

There is no quick fix, this is no advertising or marketing campaign, it is the very foundation stone from which to build a brand. It informs everything from governance and operations, to it’s impact on the planet and society. 

 Behind a brand purpose lies the very truth behind it’s existence. A brand’s purpose defines the role of the brand in society. Done authentically, it will reflect a brand’s belief system, the essence behind the brand. 

 A brand purpose connects with consumers on a more emotional level.   

A good example a brand with a strong purpose is Dove; “To help women everywhere develop a positive relationship with the way they look, helping them realize their full potential.”

Why is a Brand Purpose essential?


Customer needs are evolving, they are increasingly aligning with brands that have a clearer contribution to society and our planet.  What a brand stands for informs decisions on why anyone should wish to; invest in, work for, engage with or to buy from any brand. It goes beyond profit. 

As economist John Kay wrote: ‘profit is no more the purpose of business than breathing is the purpose of living… we must breathe to live, but breathing is not the purpose of life.’ 


How to embed Purpose into a Brand


To have a written purpose is not enough. A brand purpose informs every aspect of the way a brand interacts, both internally and externally to all its stakeholders.  

 As Anglian Water said “Our Purpose is to bring environmental and social prosperity to the region we serve through our commitment to Love Every Drop.”  

The only way Anglian Water can live up to this purpose is by engaging with it. It inspires goals for the business. Through measuring the environmental and social impact of their service, they will bring create powerful meaning for their purpose by bringing it to life.  

Purpose-driven brands are powerful because they stand for something. A strong brand purpose helps a business or organisation to define itself, to create a point of defferentiation and ultimately, to reveal the truth behind why that brand exists.