Telling Stories

How to Elevate Your Brand with Powerful Storytelling

Great brand storytelling isn’t just a technique; it’s the heart and soul of a brand’s identity. It goes beyond mastering rules and scripts; it’s about authenticity, emotion, and truth. A compelling brand story, when well-told, has the power to transform and create a lasting impact.

So, what makes a great brand story? At its core, it should resonate on a deeply emotional level and illuminate how a product or service enhances the consumer’s life. This transformation doesn’t have to be earth-shattering; even a small, meaningful improvement can make an enormous difference.

Our Journey: Harrison Brands

The Harrison Brands story is our humble attempt to find our place amidst greater narratives. Our journey began during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when the world was collectively questioning the status quo. As the Creative Director of one of London’s oldest branding agencies, I found myself at a crossroads. I had the opportunity to continue on the well-trodden path, guiding another design agency. However, there was another path, one less travelled but infinitely more captivating: starting a business.

This path was unlike any other; it was an opportunity to redefine the traditional way of doing business. Frustrated by the standard practices of design agencies and driven by concerns about the climate crisis and the growing inequities in our society, I founded Harrison Brands. Our mission was simple yet profound: to create a better way of doing business and stand for change, both socially and environmentally.

Becoming B Corp Certified: A Truthful Commitment

One pivotal moment in our journey was becoming B Corp Certified. This certification didn’t just validate our commitment; it connected us to a global community of businesses dedicated to purpose and truth. It became the very essence of our brand, an emblem of our sincerity.

The Power of Truth in Storytelling

Truth isn’t just a word; it’s the foundation of a great brand story. It’s about honesty, integrity, and authenticity. It’s about telling your story as it is, allowing your audience to see your brand’s journey—the highs, the lows, and the transformations. It’s a narrative that resonates deeply with people because it’s real.

Stories with Emotional Impact

Great brand stories should be emotionally compelling. They should be more than facts and figures; they should be an authentic reflection of your brand’s soul. Our Harrison Brands story exemplifies this notion. It’s about change, resilience, and a fervent desire to make a difference. It’s a story that captures the essence of transformation, both in our business and in our creative work.

Starting a business from scratch with little knowledge of entrepreneurship and scaling it to become a B Corp Certified company was the hard part. It was a steep learning curve and one that was not without mistakes along the way. And, we will always be learning. Great design and running a business are not always easy partners…

Embrace Change: Craft Your Brand's Authentic Story

The solution is simple: let Harrison Brands be your partner in crafting an authentic, emotionally resonant narrative for your brand. Storytelling is our art, and it can come to life through a marketing campaign, advertising, a website, a brochure, or your brand itself. In fact, a myriad of brand communications. We won’t just tell your story; we’ll help you unearth it, nurture it, and tell it with raw authenticity. The truth is, the best stories are the ones that inspire change, engage your audience, and weave a profound connection.

The power of storytelling lies in its ability to convey truths, connect on an emotional level, and inspire change. Whether your brand’s journey mirrors ours, marked by transformation and resilience, or you’re embarking on a new path, Harrison Brands will be your guide. We’ll help you craft a narrative that defines your brand, a story that leaves a lasting legacy based on truth, authenticity, and emotional resonance.