The Ten Commandments of Brand

Inspired by Bill Drummond’s 10 commandments of Art, what ten commandments should there be for a brand? Here are just ten top tips to ensuring you get the most from your brand.  

1. Tell the Truth

Begin with Purpose, look at why you are in business and communicate the real reason you are in business. Be authentic.

2. Be Consistent

Remain consistent with not only what you say but how you say it. Don’t confuse your audience!

3. Know your Audience

Focus on your target market and know who you  are talking to. You’ll get results from speaking in the right of voice.

4. Tell us Stories

Stories engage. They have the power to communicate your true brand personality. They are as unique as you are.

5. Stick to Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are good for any brand. They will ensure consistency and they provide your brand with the direction needed.

6. Learn from Mistakes

It’s the best way to improve. But always make sure you only make the same mistake once!

7. Create your Own Brand Ambassadors

Anyone who engages with your brand can be your brand ambassador. They can spread the word for you.

8. Have a Code and Live by it.

Your values define what you do and what you won’t do. You will judged by how your brand lives up to it’s values.

9. Don't be Like Everyone Else

No two brands are the same. Or, are they? Stand out from the crowd and set your own standards. 

10. Less is more

There’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple. You may have something important to say, but who’s got the time to listen?