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3 Steps for Brands - Harrison Brands

3 Steps…

…to reduce your brand’s environmental impact.

1. Purpose driven goals

At the heart of any brand lies a purpose. It’s the ‘why’ you are in business, the real truth as to why you started. What goals can you take to help to achieve your purpose? By taking steps to achieve those goals, you are living up to your purpose, and helping to define your brand. 

Tip: make your top three goals pledges for the future.

2. It’s all in the source.

Where do you source your office supplies? Look at everything you need to run your business and ask yourself, could this be supplied from a more local supplier, with a reduced environmental impact? There will be some cases where you have little or no control, but there will be some where you can make a difference. From your stationery to your energy, everything matters.

3. Look at your website’s impact

Every website has a carbon footprint. Where it is hosted and how much data is being used to download the site are two of the largest contributors to finding out it’s impact. 

The free calculator at is great at measuring the CO2 footprint of your website. Taking a look at your web host’s green credentials, removing any unnecessary plug-ins and keeping image sizes to a minimum. 

That is simply a good start for a more sustainable website.