Who are Harrison Brands?

 “I started Harrison Brands in 2021, after years of working in agencies with unnecessary layers and lacking a strong purpose. Now, it’s time for both People and Planet to come before Profit”.

Andy Marshall

Previous (and existing) clients include:

Barclays Bank, Combat Stress, Marks & Spencer, Berkeley Group, Baird Capital, Redrow, Chapman BDSP, Sutton and East Surrey Water, Mount Anvil, AgeUK, Red Funnel, UST Global.


I have over 25 years experience of working with the likes of Interbrand, Ziggurat Brands and others to create brand identities, train liveries, books, brochures, signage, hoardings, in fact, most forms of brand communication.

At the young age of 14, I decided that I couldn’t be responsible for the needless slaughter of animals for my own diet, so I became vegetarian. At 17, I stood for election as the Green Party candidate in the school mock elections.

And then I focused on profit first. Working up to a Creative Director position and staying there for many years. 

Along came the change. Starting Harrison Brands led me to establish my own purpose. Stunned by the damage we were doing to our planet and outraged that we still live in a world where there is discrimination and worse.

Harrison Brands exists today to tackle these issues by enabling brands to communicate their impact both on the planet and people with great effectiveness. 


In 1991, I cycled to Brighton wearing one of the most outlandish cycling kits ever produced. Many years later, keen to keep my carbon footprint to a minimum, you’ll still find my on a road bike, but more suitably attired for today.


“I work as new business and account director at Harrison Brands, providing strategic advice and experience to the team. Working for a B Corp like Harrison Brands is highly rewarding.”

Charlotte Brett

My experience includes:

Strategic and tactical marketing planning. Account Direction, Project management of integrated marketing campaigns and evaluation. Experience across the full marketing mix – online, offline, social media, exhibitions and events


I am a skilled and experienced account director, proud to support Harrison Brands. With over 25 years in the design and marketing industry, I bring expertise in integrated marketing and account management. My positive and driven nature fuels my continuous self-improvement and pursuit of new challenges. I specialise in strategic marketing planning, project management and team leadership. I possesses a wide range of skills across the marketing mix, including compelling copywriting, brand development, and lead generation. As a confident presenter, I ensure effective communication of ideas and campaigns for Harrison Brands.

“At Harrison Brands I merge my creative and people oriented skills, along with my passion for sustainability to assist in creating unforgettable digital and/or experiential experiences.”

Neve Marshall

My experience includes:

Bachelor of Design with First Class Honours, Retail Sales & Customer Care with B Corp Certified company, Kowtow Clothing.

My approach to design is deeply influenced by Minimalism, a design philosophy that emphasises quality, durability, functionality, and timelessness. This philosophy forms the foundation of my work, guiding my efforts to create designs/concepts that are not only aesthetically clean and clear but also durable and enduring.

In September 2023, I made the move to London from New Zealand with the goal to advance my creative career. In my hunt for a new position here, it was important to me that the role I landed, seamlessly aligned with my social and environmental values. Harrison Brands’ values stood out to me so I jumped at the opportunity to join this forward thinking team. I’m very excited to take on my new role, and continue developing as a creative.